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Support Coordination at ARISE Society

Updated: Mar 24, 2021


Does your NDIS plan that include Coordination of Supports?

Our team of NDIS Support Coordinators want to help you to research and choose local providers for the best quality and value across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

About our Support Coordinators

Our team is made up of local people who are highly skilled at Disability Support Coordination and will help with sourcing a variety of supports that include specialist disability to therapeutic services and mainstream supports. They will actively support you every step of the way, providing you with information about services and listening carefully to choose the right services and providers for you - they will then set us those services for you and assist with your budget for each type of support, negotiating prices and service agreements.

Here's how we assist you with your NDIS Plan

We want to research and sort through the NDIS marketplace for you and support you through decisions that will suit your needs, location and help achieve your goals.
  • Assist you with understanding the possibilities of the NDIS funds that you have

  • Letting you choose and take control

  • Choosing the right services for you and your budget

  • Helping you with service agreements

  • Ensure that you thrive in the new support arrangements

  • Getting your value for money in the services

  • Help you monitor your NDIS budget

  • Investigate your options

  • Resolve points of crisis

  • Assist with sourcing parent training

  • Help you integrate into your community

Let our Support Coordinators help you meet your goals!

Chat to us via our website or call us on 1330 145 559.

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