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Does your NDIS plan that include Coordination of Supports?


Our team is here to assist you with your recovery, our team's priority within that is to ensure that you are able to live a meaningful and purposeful life.


About our Support Coordinators


Our team is made up of licensed counsellors - local people with lived experience and use that experience to inform their work. They have mental health knowledge and are here to help you through your journey.


Here's what our Recovery Coaches can help

We want to spend time with you, get to know you and those important to you to find the best route to take for your recovery - let us help you make informed decisions so you can get the best out of your NDIS support for your recovery.
  • Spend time with you, learn more about you and those important to you

  • Provide you with information about services, supports and how they will help your recovery

  • Help you understand NDIS and the various mental health services available to you

Let our Recovery Coaches help you make informed decisions along the journey to recovery!


Chat to us via our website or call us on 1330 145 559.

Recovery CoachinG

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